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We're committed to providing affordable, effective health care to the families of Box Elder and the surrounding communities

Box Elder’s chiropractor, Dr. Casey Varick is excited to be a new member of the Box Elder community. We are located on N. Ellsworth Rd in the Cimarron Mall, just south of the Main Gate entrance of Ellsworth AFB.

Scheduling routine checkups is an important part of staying healthy.
Varick Family Chiropractic is committed to providing affordable, effective health care to the families of Box Elder and the surrounding communities. Dr. Varick has performed thousands of chiropractic treatments on patients ranging from 2 weeks old to 92 years young! .

We are confident that you will receive the best possible chiropractic care for your personal health needs.

On Your First Visit With Us

Please check-in at the front desk when you arrive to the office. The front desk receptionist will greet you with a smile and give you a quick tour of the office and its facilities. Afterwards the receptionist will give you a clipboard with some basic office paperwork for you to fill out. All of your information will be kept private and secure. We will also ask if you would like us to check your insurance for chiropractic benefits. Please be sure to bring your insurance card and driver’s license if you would like to utilize your insurance benefits. If you do not have insurance this is not a problem as we offer a very affordable rate for care. After all of the paperwork has been completed you will meet with the doctor for a consultation.

The doctor will want to spend some time getting to know your specific case. This is typically a time for the chiropractor to find out background information about your symptoms and conditions. He will take a detailed history to gain a deeper understanding of your case.

After the history has been taken the doctor will perform a series of examinations and procedures. These exams will help the doctor determine what is causing your symptoms. These examinations usually include a thorough neurologic, orthopedic, and chiropractic examination. In some cases, your chiropractor may need to perform some special testing to help determine a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. These tests usually include x-rays and are performed on a case by case basis.

Once the examinations have been completed the doctor will educate the patient on what was found during the examinations and explain the procedures to help alleviate the symptoms. At this point the doctor will answer any questions the patient may have regarding their case. The doctor will provide a treatment plan for the patient and discuss other factors that may help alleviate the symptoms such as diet, lifestyle, and ergonomic changes.

Once the patient decides they would like to receive care, the Chiropractor will explain all procedures during the treatment and any specific instructions the patient should follow after the treatment.

Payment is due in full at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made with the office.


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